Tawana J. Robinson

also known as T.J. Robinson

for 27th District State Representative
Dedication - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better city for a better tomorrow


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I am running for State Representative in the 27th District of Chicago, Illinois because I am committed to bringing people together throughout our communities to ensure our children inherit a stronger educational foundation, and a more secure future with gainful employment opportunities and safer neighborhoods.


As I travel throughout our district; meeting with people in communities from Roseland, Washington Heights, Beverly, Blue Island, Alsip, and Palos Heights, I hear the same message: Springfield is broken and holding us back—holding back our economy, holding back on making tough decisions, and holding back on doing what it takes to help people from low and middle income families get ahead.


These are the conversations that have inspired me and led me to run for State Representative. I’ve worked as a teacher and school administrator for 25 years, but my work is still in progress. Our neighborhood schools lack the resources, books and technology that are necessary to prepare our children for successful post-secondary lives no matter which path they choose.  Whether they decide to go to college, trade schools, the military, be entrepreneurs or work after high school; our community needs to have well-paying employment opportunities for them, and not just a wealthier few.  The challenges we face are too important to give up the fight. I am dedicated to making systemic change and advocating for laws that put our children and our low and middle income families first. 


Our city is stronger when our low and middle class have opportunities to grow, and families feel confident about what tomorrow will bring. Equal opportunity for everyone is the basis of the American Dream, and that dream is the key to hope—hope for quality schools, hope for resources for senior citizens, hope for safer neighborhoods, hope for quality jobs, and hope for better infrastructure in every neighborhood in our district, not just a select few. Our hopes and dreams have been deferred. As State Representative, I am committed to putting this hope within arm’s reach for every single citizen in our district.


I am running for State Representative to encourage low and middle income families to work with me to break stereotypes, shatter glass ceilings, and remove obstacles that prevent our people from transcending mediocrity. I want to enable the citizens in my district to navigate through barriers that foster complacency and hopelessness. I remain dedicated to inspiring our children, young adults and elders to dream big, have positive self-images, invest in their human capital, have self-efficacy, and be resilient in the face of adversity. I am willing and ready to stand at the forefront to forge our community into excellence.    


I am grateful for the support of my family and friends, old and new, and I hope that you will join our campaign for a government that works for all of us. The citizens of the 27th District can no longer be counted out and forgotten.


Together, I know we can WIN!

Tawana "TJ" Robinson (also known as T.J. Robinson)

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